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The ice hockey team is in full swing. The first training there were 6 participants, the second training there were 7 of us and now after TV2sport has made a case about the team we are up to 10 players. If you or someone you know with special needs thought this looked exciting and fun ut we hope you will get in touch. Our last three players first chose to watch a practice from the sidelines before finding out that they too will sample seg. You are welcome to do the same if you feel you need to see more before taking your first steps out on skates in Asker's large living room Askerhallen. 


We have been allocated the time 08.00 to 09.20 on Fridays in the 2018/2019 season. We are now working on trying to adapt working hours and school hours for the players in question. We imagine that the offer is for people of all ages.


As of December 10 there are 11 players registered, nine men and two women who are all looking forward to visiting the Lørenskog Unified coach. and to go to a tournament in Stavanger. Beyond the season, we will create a player profile on all the players. 

Registration takes place by email to (Mob: 41 90 46 26). A license of NOK 350 must also be redeemed in order to be insured. Equipment can be borrowed from Frisk or from the Himmeljegerne, if you don't want to use your own.


Contact Mobile: 41 90 46 26. Or on "contact" here on the website :-) 

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