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In April 2013, Himmeljegerne completed a 430-kilometre ski trip between the Inuit settlements of Cambridge Bay and Gjoa Haven in Arctic Canada. 

The Northwest Passage 2013



Through 2.5 years of training and testing, the foundations were laid for thatSimon, with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, celiac disease, epilepsy and minus 15 in both eyes, should manage to complete the ski trip which took 23 days with minus 20 degrees on average.


The picture below is from when Simen and Lars Martin learned to ski. Back then it was Simen who helped Lars Martin forward.



Expedition members:

In order for the expedition to be sound in relation to security, and to be able to be filmed in its entirety wasSimonandLars Martindependent on having three helpers with them.


Sigurd Solheim Aakhusjoined the project for the last 1.5 years and came in with many good ideas and solutions. Sigurd's role in the expedition was filming, as well as helping to get camp life going around.  




Guides Morten JohansenandHalvor Marius HagenfromJourney Outdoor experiences joined as fourth and fifth man on the expedition.


Their task was safety and assistance with tasks related to Simen, for example changing Simen's upper body clothes in minus 18 degrees and strong winds.


The guides also carried two weapons in case of unwanted interaction with the king of the Arctic, namely the polar bear. 



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