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For all sponsorship requests pleasecontactby e-mail 

OCEAN means: Competence – Responsibility – Well-being which are keywords for our concept.

User-controlled Personal Assistance (BPA) is a scheme where those with disabilities manage their own everyday life, and have managerial responsibility for the assistants who will assist with practical things in everyday life._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Ikano Bank has sponsored the Himmeljegerne on all our previous expeditions. Also for this year's two expeditions, Ikano Bank is with us. Ikano Bank  is a bank that has head office in Asker centre. The sky hunters use the bank card from Ikano Bank worldwide.
Ikano Bank
The sky hunters have used woolen clothes fromBrynjeon all expeditions that have been carried out. The clothes were particularly important during the Northwest Passage trip with 20 minus degrees on average.
The clothes we use the most are the "Artic" series - Warm and airy. See more of Brynje's products here:
Hvitserksupported us during the Northwest Passage expedition with practical tasks such as; application for permission to cross Greenland, weather updates and co-driving with guides and co-driving with other expeditions. They also helped us with logistics before the Yukon trip. In 2016 set up a very exciting Afrikatur for us.

Alphais a standard-bearer for proud traditions, and we promise that we will continue to enable Norwegians' subtle and perpetual urge for strenuous and sometimes extreme trips, by developing products with a very special consideration for Norwegian conditions and use.

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