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We have experience in organizing many exciting activities. Below you can read or watch these activities and see if any of them might pique your interest :-) 

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For many, preparing and eating food that they themselves have helped to create is a great experience. 

With Himmeljegerne you can take part in fishing and gathering berries. We prepare the food together, so that you can learn to cook healthy food outside at the same time that the actual catching or gathering of the food creates physical activity because you walk around the forest, or paddle around on a lake. 

A specialty our guides often make is "bannocks" with lovely berries and syrup. 

Have you ever felt completely safe in a canoe or kayak? A lovely feeling of sitting down in a good chair and then being able to create momentum by stepping forward. Almost like riding a bike on water.


The kayak has an open solution, which creates security but also a nice closeness to the water and nature. 

We borrow the kayaks from our partner HAV


This page is still under construction. Therefore, we list some of the other things we can arrange for you here: 

Air rifle shooting, bow and arrow, fishing with a pole, fishing from a canoe/straw kayak, fishing with a net, ice fishing, hunting, ski trips, horse riding, climbing parks, bird watching, how to make a fire, accommodation i hammock, tent or lavvo and digging for gold.

We also have experience in building relationships in groups. Then we like to use natural materials to create exciting and educational tasks.

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