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In March 2016, it was ready for the first ever expedition where we invited people with different disabilities to join us on a trip. We call the concept "Full gas" and we plan to carry out trips like this in the next 3-5 years. This year we had 4 participants, 1 body, 1 guide, 16 dogs, 3 cameramen and 4 helpers. The expedition was built up with tests and a training weekend - Read TV2's case about the training"Going to Jotunheimen on a new expedition".

This year's trip went to the area around Tyin. Actually, we were going to ski a circular track around a mountain area. We quickly found out that due to the group's various challenges had to adapt the expedition and turn it into a base expedition. Thus, the focus was rather on trying to get up to a nearby mountain peak. The trip up was anything but rosy, Ruben was in great pain, went to the basement both physically and mentally. Follow how we solved the challenge on the website. 

TV2 wrote about the trip afterwards. Read here: "-We pushed all boundaries"


The expedition project "Full gas" gave us a lot of knowledge and experience related to going on a hard trip together with a group with different prerequisites. This challenge is part of what we seek and together experience mastery of. 

Participants 2016

Simen Tannæs-Fjeld

Is an experienced outdoorsman with the handicaps of cerebral palsy, mental retardation, epilepsy, celiac disease and minus 15 in vision. 

Mads Andreassen

The "King of the Yukon" has been on an expedition before. Mads has Down syndrome, is blind in one eye and has gout.

Motivator - Ruben Andrè Smith

The most memorable outdoorsman and hobby ornithologist of all time. 

Ruben has spastic paraparesis which makes skiing a thrilling challenge.

Ola Riise 

Extreme effort and imaginative courage. Skied straight down a mountainside, luckily plowing. Ola has Down syndrome and is a close friend of both Simen and Mads.

The crew

In order for the expedition to be safe and to be able to be filmed, Simen and Mads depended on having a crew of sixhelpers.

Lars Martin

was expedition leader and prime mover. His tasks included talking to the media via satellite phone, filming and washing, as well as financing the entire expedition.  

Henrik Ridder Nilsen

Got the job as a potato. Henrik showed tremendous strength throughout the days. Also had the main focus on supporting Ruben. 

Kristoffer Svarstad Wiig

had as his main task to be a cameraman, as well as that he took on extended responsibility for building fires together with Mads. Kristoffer has known Simen for over 15 years, and is a good friend of Lars Martin. 

Guide - Morten Johansen

From Ferd Friluftsoppleppeser we got a lot help in planning and implementation from Morten. Safety was established quickly the few times the group was unsafe or uncertain during the Jotunheimen tour.

Doctor - Manuela Estop-Garanto

Manuela was on the trip as the medical officer. As several people in the group sometimes need medication and treatment, it was a great security to have Manuela. 

Mathis Aaserud

I was there as a cameraman and did a very good job both in the scorching heat during the day and in minus 20 degrees in the evening/night. 

Skjermbilde 2016-04-24 kl. 10.07.21
Skjermbilde 2016-04-24 kl. 10.05.30
Skjermbilde 2016-04-24 kl. 14.39.45_edited
Lars Martin og Simen i Gjoa Haven 20


In order for the expedition to evacuate if something unforeseen had happened, there were 16 dogs and the two dog handlers Marius and Kathrine Søberg fromTeam Søbergstandby and ready to help us quickly. 

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