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Alle gutta
Kveld i Yukon
Fra Harvest/A-Magasinet
Lars Martin og Simen i Gjoa Haven 20
Lars Martin på fjelltur
Simen sløver i solen

In August 2014, the Himmeljegerne carried out a 370 kilometer expedition in the Yukon, Canada. Simen chose to take his best friend Mads, who has Down's Syndrome, on the arduous journey from Sandy Lake via the Big Salmon River and the Yukon River to the gold mining town of Carmacks.

The lecture on Yukon deals with bear encounters, salmon fishing with your hands and waking up to wolf howls. The lecture will also go into depth about why on earth two people with disabilities should and will go on an adventure on the other side of the globe.

The crew

In order for the expedition to be safe and to be filmed, Simen and Mads depended on having a crew of five helpers with them.

Lars Martin

was expedition leader and prime mover. His tasks included talking to the media via satellite phone, filming and washing, as well as financing the entire expedition.  

Rikard Tannæs-Fjeld

is the older brother of Lars Martin and Simen, and was given the task of being camp manager at the same time as he was co-responsible for helping Simen and Mads. 

Kristoffer Svarstad Wiig

had as his main task to be a cameraman, as well as that he took on extended responsibility for building fires together with Mads. Kristoffer has known Simen for over 15 years, and is a good friend of Lars Martin. 

With us were the guidesMorten JohansenandHalvor Marius HagenfromJourney Outdoor experiences.Their tasks mainly consisted of security and assistance for tasks related to Mads and Simen. Among other things, they were responsible for weapons and bear spray. 

Training in Asker - Kanorolle
Mads tests guns
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