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Himmeljegerne is a project in which two brothers, one mentally disabled, carried out a 43-mile ski expedition between Cambridge Bay and Gjoa Haven in the Northwest PassageWatch the documentary "Himmeljegerne" on TV2 SUMO.


In August 2014got dtook Simen's best friend Mads with down syndrome, gout (arthritis) and blind in one eye, on a 3-week canoeing expedition in Yukon, Canada. Watch TV2's video here "Highlights of the Skyhunters' Yukon trip"


In April 2016, the guys set out on a new expedition. This time they have 2 guests with special needs/opportunities on a 5-day skiing expedition in Jotunheimen, Norway. Read more here - "TV2 - We broke all boundaries"

In September 2017, Simen and Mads went on an expedition in Finnmark where they brought 3 other participants, a doctor, en guide and 6 helpers in the border areas between Russia, Finland and Norway. Bear safaris, fishing and hunting were some of the things on the agenda. - See TV2 Good Morning Norway's case about the trip: "TV2 about Himmeljegrne"

Lars Martin Tannæs-Fjeld

Adventurer, project manager, preschool teacher, machine and fond of long trips.


Lars Martin is very fond of all forms of unorganized sports. Unleash your sporting joy and creativity! Owner lifesaving course in water. 


Lars Martin's strong point is being calm when stressed. This is how you get things done in a pleasant and quick way.


Previously led the Northwest Passage expedition, the Yukon expedition 2014, Africa and Jotunheimen 2016 and the Pasvikdal expedition in 2017.


Vinterior of the year's name for Asker and Bærum "The Beating Heart of the Year 2013". As well as winner of the "Civitanprisen 2015"


Age: 32 years

Height: 184 cm

Weight:      86 kg

Simen Tannæs-Fjeld

Mentally disabled with a big heart for skiing and trips. Simen's great interest in life is music, he can practically listen to music all day long. Simen's strong point is to work calmly at a steady pace, so that he doesn't blow himself up. Previously completed the Northwest Passage expedition 2013, Yukon expedition 2014, Africa and Jotunheimen 2016 and the Pasvikdal expedition 2017.


Following the expedition, Simen has been appointed ambassador for Special Olympics Norway

He also won Asker og Bærum's Budstikkes  reader's vote for name of the year"The Beating Heart of the Year 2013".


The sim's additional challenges are: Celiac disease (Gluten intolerance), ccerebral palsy, psighted and eepilepsy.

Click on the words to get an explanation of what they mean.


Age: 36 years

Height: 180 cm 

Weight:      70

Mads Andreassen - "The King of Yukon"

Mads Andreassen, 33 years old from Sjøstrand in Asker. Mads has previously been involved in swimming, is a consistently positive guy. See intro film by MadsHERE.Mads has Down's syndrome and has relatively poor vision in one eye. Mads has little experience with canoeing and will need a good deal of training and training before he is ready for the expedition.


Throughout the winter of 2013/2014, Mads has trained well both with the Himmeljegeren's regular long trips around Semsvann, stair races in a jump bag and quiet training with a physiotherapist.


Mads thoroughly enjoyed the Yukon expedition and later took the title "King of the Yukon". He has also taken part in Africa and the Jotunheim expedition in 2016 and the Pasvikdal expedition in 2018. 


Age:      35 year

Height: 178 cm 

Weight:      95  (97 kg) after expedition (98 kg)


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In November 2013, the TV program "Himmeljegerne" had over 220,000 viewers on TV2!

Watch "THE SKY HUNTERS" on tv2 Sumo by pressing the button :

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