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Project manager: Lars Martin Tannæs-Fjeld  – Email:

Guides: Morten Johansen  - Email:


All requests for lectures, interviews and other inquiries should be directed to Lars Martin Tannæs-Fjeldartin (41 90 46 26)

We hold lectures about our expeditions and how we adapt training and trips.

Great wilderness experiences, brotherhood/friendship and joy are our focus. Beyond the autumn, we will travel around Norway to talk about why it is fun to go on an expedition and what benefits Simen and Mads get from the trips.

Simen and Lars Martin have so far held lectures around the country in recent years. We have narrated, shown films and pictures to people in business, teachers, the armed forces, pupils, pensioners and many different organisations.

We thought this was very fun and meaningful to continue with.


If you or your job would like to hear us talk, contact us at: martin_tf@hotmail.com41 90 46 26 


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