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Mads Andreassen - 38 years old from Asker

Mads has been with the team since November and has been on Himmeljegerne's last 5 expeditions. Mads is the lead singer in Frisk Asker fanclub and usually works as a baker at "Den Glade Baker" in Asker centre. 


Aleksander Svegaard - 26 years old from Asker

Aleksander has been with the team since the start in October 2018. The first training was quite tiring for Aleksander as we worked a lot on stabilizing his ankles. After hard training and a great willingness to train, he now has more and more control on the skates. 


Morten Engebretsen - 30 years from Asker

Morten is the team's tallest player. Like several of the players On the Superlaget, he has a very strong will to keep going and looks forward to every training session. 


Marius Authen - 60 years from Asker

Marius is the team's oldest player. A quiet type who doesn't talk much or loudly, but who always thought it was fun with training and the exercises we do out on the ice. 


Victoria Midkiff 

Victoria is the team's only female player. Victoria has been following Frisk Asker for years and recognizes most of the players by first name. 

Victoria's position on the pitch is forward as she is a distinct goal getter. 


Simen Tannæs-Fjeld - 37 years old from Asker 

The team's founder. Simen is the man who ignited the spark in the brothers Rikard and Lars Martin in relation to forming an own ice hockey team for people with special needs. Has participated in all expeditions in the history of the Sky Hunters.


Is also the spearhead of the team offensively. 


Erling Due Bergseth - 29 years old from Oslo

Erling has taken part in two training sessions in the past. He is very much looking forward to being able to participate in the first ever national tournament in Stavanger in January 2019. Also participated in the last two Himmeljegerne expeditions.

Skjermbilde 2019-01-07 kl. 14.49.39.png

Ole Kristian Skaaret - 45 years old from Asker

Ole Kristian is made goalkeeper and the man who talks the loudest out on the ice. His voice comes in very well when he calls out and helps the players to make the right decisions in the game. 

Ole Kristian is a big fan of Frisk Asker.

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Day Oscar Johnsen - 25 years from Asker

Dag Oscar is the man on the team who is possibly the one most interested in ice hockey. Dag Oscar is the one who has been to all the training sessions since the start and that he takes an interest in the hockey equipment and uniforms. Together with Simen, they form a feared offensive duo. 


Thomas Hærem - 25 years old from Asker

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