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Here you will find all mediesaker about "The Sky Hunters"! Press the TV2 SUMO button to view
the whole documentary "Himmeljegerne 2013"!  Also follow us on Facebook for the latest news!
To see the around 80 own media boxes about 
The sky hunters saw press here at 
"Media History". TV, newspaper, radio, online newspapers and more.
TV2 about Tiger's Head

TV2 sport's report about our tiger head, Mads, Simen and Frisk Asker. 







"Frisk fans with tiger head"

The A magazine in Aftenposten

A magazine wrote a 6-page story about the Sky Hunters on Friday 14 November. See online case and video.







"The Brothers Who Went Out into the Wilderness"


Kjetil Østli from Harvest wrote a nice article about Himmeljegerne. Check out "Harvest - Mankind and Nature"







"Brothers Skyhunters"

The Ash newspaper

We met Askeravisen outside Asker Kulturhus and told them about the expedition to the Yukon.







"The sky hunters about bears and gold" Press the 12 November version.

The newspaper in Tromsø

We met a journalist from the newspaper iTromsø after one of our lectures in Tromsø in October.







"The sky hunters inspired the school"

TV2 Saturday magazine

Watch highlights from the "Sky Hunters" wilderness trip in Canada's wilderness!







Himmeljegerne and TV2 Sumo

Empo TV

Watch the home interview with Mads, Simen and Lars Martin right after the expedition!

Press "Shipping on September 18"







Himmeljegerne and Empo-TV

- Missed the nut and a huge burger! THE SKY HUNTERS are safe and sound in Carmacks! 







Himmeljegerne and TV2

- Suddenly we hear many howls a few hundred meters into the forest...









Himmeljegerne and TV2

"We have bear spray and guns ready at all times!"

Read more about the guys in TV2's report from 19 August 2014:









Himmeljegerne and TV2

TV2 has written a bit about us and made a great report. Press the button below to read the post from Saturday 16 August 2014.








Himmeljegerne and TV2

NRK - Summer open

We visited Anne Rimmen and NRK-Sommeråpent on Saturday.  Press HERE to see “The Sky Hunters at Summer Open”.









Himmeljegerne on NRK Summer open.

Summer time on TV2

We visited TV2's Sommertid and the guys got to talk a bit about the expedition to Yukon, Canada!









Himmeljegerne on TV2 Sommertid.

Greetings from Lars Monsen

We received a very pleasant and inspiring greeting from our great hero Lars Monsen!









Himmeljegerne on NRK Summer open.

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